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    On the motorway this morning I saw quite a large number of British cars. Considering the direction they were heading for I guess these people had already finished their holidays, poor things ! I hope they were carrying good memories back to England. I wonder what attracts people from Britain to France. I can admit the weather is better, which is only true in the south though. In the northern half of France the weather is slightly the same as in England. Rainier even ! In England, being never far from the coast, the weather keeps changing, whereas where I live, once it has begun to rain, and the sky is grey, it remains that way all day...

    So what is better in France than in England ? Try to find aspects that are not mentioned every time the question is asked ! Once you've answered, I'll tell you why I like England and would even like to move and live there once I have retired. Which means 15 years from now, and only if another Margaret Thatcher has not come to power. (She was the Prime Minister when I lived in England.)

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    Mardi 8 Juillet 2008 à 15:24
    Why do they go to France?
    I think there are as many reasons why British people go to France as there are British people going to France! Reasons I hear from people are good food and wine and agreeable surroundings - but the latter depends on where you go, of course. There are lovely places in Britain too. Curiously enough, though, I think British people have a greater affinity with France and the French than they have with, say, Germany or Spain. Maybe it's because they learn French at school and the impression remains with them. I would be curious to know where you would choose to live in Britain.
    Mercredi 9 Juillet 2008 à 19:31
    Are prices cheaper in England than in France ?
    Dimanche 13 Juillet 2008 à 12:25
    I can't answer concerning the prices... I haven't been to England for more than a year. Honestly I'd say it depends on the type or items you buy. Maybe English tourists that have visited France could answer ? If I decided to to and live in England I might choose Cambridge or its area, or go really further north in the area of Hexham. Or York ?
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