• Have you ever heard of Chalon Sur Saône ?

    A nice little town, supposed to be quiet, but when I happen to be there it's always noisy and crowded, in a very friendly way. Indeed every third weekend of July (from Thursday to Sunday included), there is a street arts festival called "Chalon dans la Rue". The streets, squares, parks are full of jugglers, clowns, acrobats, actors, dancers, puppeteers, in other words, full of surprises. Chalon is on your way to the south (I know lots of English people go to the Riviera or the Dordogne, well as far as the Dordogne is concerned, Chalon is a slight detour) and while calling there you can also buy some delicious wine in Givry or Jambles not far from there and in the town itself there are wonderful restaurants. 

    I hope it makes you feel like going there next summer. I have been a fervent spectator for 16 years and have never been disappointed.

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    Jeudi 24 Juillet 2008 à 12:10
    I had heard of it but not in relation to the festival. It sounds fun but, then, the French do seem to have a talent for fairs and festivals: Alsace has some memorable ones (Fête du Tabac, Fête des Fleurs, etc. etc.) We might get there one day but travel is so expensive now. We hope to make it to Paris in September, though.
    Jeudi 24 Juillet 2008 à 14:58
    Yes, I hope you can make it. I read what you wrote about Paris, and of course I see why you love this city. I do too. You don't even have to pay to see beautiful things, from the outside Paris is a museum in itself. If I happen to be in Paris then (I sometimes spend a day there) we can have a dring together at a café. I was lucky enough to be in Corby at the Pole fair which takes place only every 20 or 25 years, and it was wonderful.
    Mercredi 3 Septembre 2008 à 13:39
    I've even been ther
    I went to Châlons sur Saône a couple of times as I used to have friends there, but don't remember anything much about it. But then I wasn't there at the time of the Festival. Great photos!
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