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    I've just read an article about some people in Switzerland who have the ashes of their dear but dead ones transformed into gems. It keeps me puzzled. I've unfortunately lost quite a few members of my family, and I sometimes find difficult to live with their memories. I'm not a churchyard-goer, or else to churchyards where I know nobody. I don't have photos all over the place in my house, although I like meeting their faces by chance in my albums, and I like diamonds and gems, but I wonder if I could wear a piece of jewelry (a ring, or earrings) knowing it was made of the ashes of my Mum or my friend.

    I advise you to read this article : http://fr.news.yahoo.com/afp/20080701/tsc-suisse-societe-prev-c2ff8aa.html and please, then, give me your opinion !

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    Vendredi 4 Juillet 2008 à 12:15
    Family diamond
    Non ! Cela me fait penser aux enfants qui enfilent des perles multicolores pour en faire colliers et bracelets ! Tiens gamin enfile pépé et mémé, pioche dans la boite et joue à la sainte famille ... Au s’cours, tu te rend compte qu’au hasard des héritages et des transactions, un jour tu puisses finir en percing sur une langue, agrafée au bout d’un sein ou pire sertie, enchâssée à la périphérie de l’anus d’une descendance extravagante !!! Moi j’veux qu’ont verse mes cendres dans l’égout devant mon bistrot préféré, être disponible de suite pour la nature, j’sais que la patronne à chaque amorçage d’un fût y verse au moins deux bonnes pintes de bière ... Mon traducteur perd les pédales!
    Vendredi 4 Juillet 2008 à 16:15
    Reverso = zero
    I won't translate your comment, but I can feel why you don't like the idea ! I'd rather have my ashes spread somewhere nice or just as manure for the trees.
    Silver Tiger
    Vendredi 4 Juillet 2008 à 18:59
    On one hand, the idea resembles the Victorian habit of making jewellery out of the hair of the dear departed. On the other, there is an important difference. Leaving aside the impurities present in natural diamonds that give them their colour, a diamond is a diamond is a diamond. What I mean is, a diamond is made of carbon and every carbon atom is exactly like every other carbon atom. Analysis, such as DNA testing, can show that hair is the exclusive possession of one person but no amount of testing will show that this diamond "comes from" or is "made from" your dear departed uncle. Carbon atoms are anonymous. You could buy any artificial diamond and claim it to be your uncle and no one could prove or disprove it. Of course, if having one's dear departed's mortal remains pressed into a gemstone brings one comfort, then there is no reason (other than cost) against doing so.
    Vendredi 4 Juillet 2008 à 19:02
    For this very scientific explanation. I didn't know about the Victorian tradition.
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