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    France is known for its 300 sorts of cheese, and I must admit that every time I travel in the country I like tasting a new type of cheese. This time I have discovered the "Banon", a medium-sized goat cheese, wrapped in chestnut-tree's leaves. It's delicious, and I've been told it would taste even better with fig-bread and walnuts. Not to mention a glass of red wine. That's the kind of cheese I always feel lucky to eat, as I know that globalisation and its drastic standards of so-called modernization and hygiene are dangerous enemies for these regional products. Let's hope we'll be allowed to eat Banon for many years still !

    You can even buy it on the internet !!!


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    Jeudi 21 Août 2008 à 16:30
    Say cheese!
    I love cheese and especially goat's cheese. We nearly always have one or other kind of goat's cheese at home. I can remember when goat's cheese was a minority interest in the UK but nowadays you are spoilt for choice in most supermarkets. I like all the usual French cheeses such as Brie and Camembert. Tigger wasn't keen of soft cheeses but these days wolfs them down with gusto. I must have converted her! The French Market comes to Islington every so often and the last time it came, I bought goat's cheese from one of the cheesemakers. I am hoping he will come again! There are so many cheeses in the world, most of them wonderful and it's always worth trying a local variant if you find one. Vive le fromage!
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