• I've been thinking about it for a while, admiring Claude actually for managing two blogs at the same time and Silver Tiger has convinced me. From now on, as well as writing in French about my daily life, I will try to write in English too. And this will be the place ! As it is more difficult for me though I teach English in France, I may not publish new texts as regularly as I do on my other blog. I hope you will be understanding.

    Writing or telling something in a foreign language is not just another exercise. It means letting oneself seen from another point of view, revealing another facet of one's character. Believe it or not, I feel different emotions, reactions, when I speak or think in English.  If you happen to be a reader of both blogs, please tell me when you notice such a difference.

    For those who don't know me yet, I've been teaching English for 25 years, including the last 13 years in a high school. I'm a woman and will be reaching 50 next July, which is, as you will soon realize, a real trauma to me. I share my life with someone I will refer to as ADMV (as it means something in French, you may even guess what !), she is a woman too. Ed is not my real name, but things being what they are, I'd rather remain anonymous, as some members of our National Education have already got into troubles when their identity was known, even though they hadn't actually criticised anyone namely, or told any lies. Moreover I may mention some details of my private life which are none of my pupils or colleagues' business.


    Forgive me if what I write happens to be boring, I feel shy you see, and your comments will help me improve my writing.

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