You may wonder where my name, Ed, comes from. Well, it all started in April 2006 when I decided to create a blog in French. I thought then that I would mainly talk about my job. Indeed I had been reading lots of blogs written by young colleagues, lots of whom seemed to find life difficult and sometimes sounded depressed, and I wanted to show the life of a mid-career teacher, in a not-so-awful high school. As a teacher I work for the National Education Ministry, in French "Education Nationale", which some of us nickname "Educnat". I thus chose that as a screen name. But soon I started to talk about many other things and often forgot the original aim of my blog. Some bloggers started calling me Ed. I didn't mind, though it is the name of a famous branch of cheap grocery supermarkets in France, and I guessed I'd soon become known as "Ed l'Epicier", which didn't suit me at all. Actually the name reminded me of a TV-series I used to watch when I was a child, in which the main character was a talking horse called Mr Ed. Then a kind and creative blogger made a banner for my blog, and that's how I became Ed the talking horse.

    Do you remember that series ?

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    Samedi 21 Juin 2008 à 09:33
    I don't know this serie.... I think I'm too young....
    Samedi 21 Juin 2008 à 09:58
    Have you seen ?
    There is a link if you click on the photo and you'll get a video !
    Samedi 21 Juin 2008 à 13:32
    I 've heard about it but couldn't remember if I saw it on t.v Anyway I'm happy to read you in english ( and tell me if I make mistakes 'cause Im here to improve my english too!!!)
    Samedi 21 Juin 2008 à 13:37
    But Anne,
    I sometimes want to forget I'm a teacher !! Nevertheless, welcome to my new blog. A new article coming soon !
    Winston Smith
    Samedi 21 Juin 2008 à 14:55
    ziva ou pas
    Hello madam. It is the big first one) for me, because if the translators allow to understand approximately the sense of texts, he goes away otherwise for the writing, you suspect... Give I your opinion of great professor, I shall like to learn and it seems to me that a good translator can be a correct tool to begin, no! Good luck has this blog, I shall not miss to come to put it my small grain of salt of timer) has other. :o)
    Samedi 21 Juin 2008 à 16:58
    ok I understand what you mean but I want to be perfect and I m aware that Im far from being....So no big deal!!!!
    Dimanche 22 Juin 2008 à 21:30
    Moi non plus
    I don't know this serie... I think I'm too young... C'est quand même pas de ma faute si zapette m'a steal my words!
    Lundi 30 Juin 2008 à 21:26
    From the horse\'s mouth
    We at least know we\'re getting the truth when it comes from the horse\'s mouth! ;) I think blogs have a logic of their own and take us where they want to go.
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