Great news ! I've got through my heap of A-level papers ! I actually feel a great weight off my mind. That means of course I will be able to enjoy a long weekend with ADMV. Although she doesn't know yet, but she will have to help me copy down all the marks on the official slips and then to enter them into the computer. All this has to be done before Monday 8.00 AM.

    My method consists in correcting each exercise 79 times rather than correcting a whole paper. Today wasn't a bad day as I was marking the written expression exercises. This is the part I find the least boring. It can sometimes be depressing though. When you come across sentences like those :

    "It's money wich to interesse them and they don't think to idealism but lonely at money." "I have very happy because I make my love job." "I work in a librabry." "The food isn't disturbed in the same proportion." "There is a sun who shoots." Well I must admit it sometimes makes me smile too. 

    And there are also sentences like this one: "No sooner had I arrived than I was adopted by them." Grammar exists, I've met it !

    In France the lowest mark is 0 and the highest 20. I've given marks from 2 to 19.

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    Lundi 30 Juin 2008 à 14:10
    They are not generous in comment English, no! It is not very flattering and even inequitable this zero on the back of the ass!
    Lundi 30 Juin 2008 à 16:22
    I'm the one who deserves a zero for not getting comments... Fortunately, you are here, Vil !
    Lundi 30 Juin 2008 à 21:40
    Exam marking
    I hated marking exams. I have taught both Humanities and Computing, so I know how each goes about marking. Both are tedious but you have to be careful for the student's sake. One of the best things about working in a library was that there was no marking to do!
    Mardi 1er Juillet 2008 à 11:35
    Tedious, is the word I was looking for ! But today is another day, and I'm looking forward to this evening. Indeed all the English department is having an "apéritif" on my terrace tonight. Everybody is bringing something to eat, which makes things easy for me !
    Mardi 15 Juillet 2008 à 07:11
    marking method
    I used to do the same as you! Marking papers was really the part of the job I hated. Tedious IS the appropriate word
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